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XML is a short name of extensible markup language. XML is the powerful tools for data carrying. XML is the best way to publishing, exchanging, managing, entering and supplying bulk data into the internet. And XML is work superbly from one format to another and converted easily into the reliable format. That’s way xml data entry is become more popular in present.

Various XML data entry:

• Creation of xml database
• Updating and managing xml database
• Entering old records and documents in to xml
• Entering business sales, purchase and maintenance data into xml

XML data entry is become very important for many business verticals which may related with commercial, financial, manufacturers, medical, realtors, telecoms, automobiles, and other individuals. There are many offshore outsourcing companies available in the market which is entering precious data into xml format. IT Outsourcing Services is experienced data entry company offers XML data entry services. Contact IT Outsourcing Services Company India

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form data entryBusiness organizations like real estate, telecoms, legal, social, government, education department, medical, insurance, finance and banking etc have to process lots of forms in their rations. All this information is the form of hard copies.

To get fastest access of information, it is necessary that all the information must be in a computer format. In house process of entering the data from scanned/ printed forms it is very expensive. Here data entry outsourcing services becomes cost saving option. There are many outsourcing companies available in the market which provides end to end services of form data entry at very reasonable cost.

Get Benefits of Outsourcing Form Data Entry:
  • 99.98% quality assurance
  • Customized technology for performance
  • Access of expert professionals
  • Fast turnaround
  • Flexible pricing depend on complexity
Outsourcing company like IT Outsourcing Services provides online form data entry as well as offline form data entry services with all above benefits. Contact for more information on

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Invoice Data EntryAn invoice or bill is a commercial document, specifying the products, quantities and decided prices for products or services. Industries like medical, real estate; manufacturing, retail, financial, banking etc. has often needed invoice data entry to enter the information which are mention in invoice.

Example of invoice data entry that is in demand:
  • Data entry of credit and debit memo
  • Data entry of sales & purchase invoices
  • Data Entry of pro forma invoice
  • Time-sheet and statement data entry
  • Self billing invoice data entry
Outsourcing company like IT Outsourcing Company Services can provide the perfect solution for invoice data entry projects and effectively manage all projects, whether it is a manual data entry or other automated data entry process. Contact IT Outsourcing Services on

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Performing data entry in to excel or spreadsheet, it is very structural and high concentrative task. Excel data entry is very useful for sorting, storing, organizing and charting all type of data. Excel data entry is one of the core outsourcing services offered by IT Outsourcing Services. If your business required entering, managing or updating data in excel then IT Outsourcing Services is the ideal option.
IT Outsourcing Services is an experienced outsourcing company has the expert teams for excel data entry, which have the ability to capture information into excel sheet from various sources like hard copies or soft copies. Our excel data entry experts are familiar with excel shortcuts, rules, formulas, macros, pivot table for manual excel data entry or automated excel data entry as required.

We are comprehensive data entry services provider offer one stop solutions for all your excel data entry needs at 60% cutting rates. You will get benefits like privacy of data, highest quality level, free trial without any obligation, and many more.
We provide excel data entry for all industries verticals, some of few excel data entry services are pointed below:
  • Property and mortgage information data entry into excel
  • Telecom forms data entry into excel sheets
  • Excel data entry of patient records
  • Data entry from insurance claim forms into excel
  • Contact details data entry into excel
  • Manual inputting of text, numbers, charts in to excel sheets
Whether it is handwritten documents or printed documents, we inputting data into excel with high accuracy at lowest turnaround. Moreover we follow ISO standard to ensure quality and accuracy. We at Data Entry Outsourcing Services working 24x7 hours in different shifting to revolve your excel data entry needs rapidly.
Contact us or send us email to outsource excel data entry requirements or directly fill free quote at

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Education industry is one of the broadest business industries, gone up to the way of digitization. Educational industry covers schools, colleges, universities, institutes, etc and it has often needed a data entry services to make important and reliable information handy. Outsourcing Company India a well known data entry services fulfill all data entry demands which are related with educational industry.

IT Outsourcing Services has extensive experience of working with top most education industries. Whether it is online data entry or offline data entry, we consistently deliver superior results because of we have reliable resources for data entry like robust infrastructure with space, advanced software and hardware, high speed broadband connections and skilled data entry experts.
We accept below data for input:
  • Online and offline data entry of enrollment forms
  • Data entry of student monthly scorecards
  • Data entry of student and teacher name and contact details
  • Data entry of results and mark sheets
  • Scanned and printed documents data entry
  • Data entry of all types of academic information
  • Data entry of all given task
At IT Outsourcing Services, we also providing online data mining, data process and educational database management and updating services.
Get following benefits of data entry that IT Outsourcing Services ensure:
  • Gain access to skilled data entry experts
  • Round the clock services with highest level of accuracy
  • High data security and confidentiality
  • Customize working process for large or complex task
  • Free quote available without any extra charges
Contact us with specific data entry requirements just sending email on

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Automated Data EntryThere are two ways to enter data in system, one is manually typing the content at in house and other is automated. In Comparison of both, automated data entry is time and cost saving procedure.

In automated data entry, the hard copy is directly scanned into a computer and using advanced software data is entered into the database automatically. The automated data entry solutions are highly used in health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, insurance companies, remote sales offices, and other industry that processes a large number of forms often.

Automated data entry includes:
  • Extracting data from images
  • Extracting data from paper
  • Online data entry
  • HTML or XML keying and coding
  • Conversion of hard copy to soft copy
  • Conversion of file formats
IT Outsourcing Services is leading data entry company, offer automated data entry of OCR (Optical character recognition), OMR (bubbles), ICR (hand written), Intelligent Field Recognition (IFR), barcodes and more. Its automated data entry service avoid manual keying, typing errors and save time and space. Contact on Outsourcing Company India

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Are you looking for data entry services within your means? Do you need data entry services fraction of time? Are you looking for professional data entry services without compromising quality and accuracy of data entry services? Does your business require data entry services at affordable rates?
IT Outsourcing Services is having significant experience of 17 years in providing data entry services and completion of more than 300 data entry projects with highest level of satisfaction of our clients located in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world.
We provide value added data entry services that helps our clients to focus on their core business activities rather than focusing on data entry services. Our data entry services allow our clients to gain maximum returns from the business so that we are facilitating with free data entry trial to understand quality and accuracy of our data entry services. Claim free data entry trial now on and save up to 60% data entry cost of data entry projects.
We are providing broad range of data entry services, Small inventory of our data entry services are:
  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Excel Data Entry Services
  • Documents Data Entry Services
  • Forms Data Entry Services
  • Data Entry of Medical and Financial Records
  • Data Entry of Property Records
  • Data Entry for Small Business
  • Data Entry from Menuscripts
  • Data Entry of Contact Information
  • Reports Data Entry Services
  • Data Entry from Online - Offline Catalogs
  • Data Entry of Cards
  • Data Entry of Products
  • Data Entry from Book
  • Data Entry for Real Estate
  • Product Entry to E-Commerce Stores
Our skilled and cost effective data entry specialists provide innovative and flawless data entry services for corporate, small and big companies or for individuals.
Outsource data entry requirements to us and save up to 60% data entry cost.
Get a data in ready to use format with 99.98% accuracy send data entry requirements on